trim spot mini
installation instruction
Step 1 / 6
Cut a round hole (Ø 41). Consult the chosen luminaire tech specs for required height and free air dimensions.
Step 2 / 6
Trim spot mini short: max 350mA trim spot mini long: max 500mA.
Step 3 / 6
Connect the wires with wago connectors for serial connection, respect polarity combine with a prado LED-driver.
Step 4 / 6
Bend over the springs and push the luminaire into the ceiling.
Step 5 / 6
Step 6 / 6
  • Replace glass lens when broken.
    Luminaire shall only be used together with glass lens.
The light source in this luminaire shall only be replaced by the manufacturer or a similar qualified person. Warranty will not apply in case of wrongful use or if unskilled personnel attempts to repair the product.