plaster ring Ø57
installation instruction
Step 1 / 4
Cut a round hole (Ø 68 - depth depends on fixture type).
Step 2 / 4
Insert the plaster ring and securely fasten it with screws. Make sure to use a screwfast surface and appropriate screws. The attachment must be able to obtain a static load of 5 kg. It’s the installers responsability to ensure optimal attachment.
Step 3 / 4
Excercise caution while plasering, do not damage the ring. Keep the plaster lid inside the plaster ring while plastering. Use a fiberglass mesh tape to ensure optimal plaster adhesion. Make sure not to touch the edge of the ring when sanding.
Step 4 / 4
Remove the plaster lid just before installing the fixture. Keep the inside of the plaster ring free of filler and paint. Any residue needs to be removed without damaging the edges of the plaster ring.
Installation must be done by skilled professionals only and instructions must be followed at all times. Warranty will not apply in case of wrongful use of if unskilled personnel attempts to repair a product.