light + motion surface
installation instruction
Step 1 / 8
Turn the power off.
Step 2 / 8
Fix the mounting plate on the ceiling with appropriate screws.
Step 3 / 8
Tighten the wires through the strain relief and cut off the excess wire.
Step 4 / 8
Connect the wires with the wago connectors for parallel connection, respect polarity combine with a prado LED-driver.
Step 5 / 8
Standard settings:
– Ambient light: 1700 LSB
– sensitivity: no pets detectable
– time on: 5min

If desired update standard settings with a screwdriver.
Step 6 / 8
Click the luminaire onto the connection plate.
Step 7 / 8
Turn the power back on.
Step 8 / 8
For both maintenance and the adjustment of settings, the luminaire can gently be removed from the ceiling.
The light source or electronics in this fixture shall only be replaced by the manufacturer. Warranty will not apply in case of wrongful use or if unskilled personnel attempts to repair the product.