installation instruction
Step 1 / 7
Gently pull the lock out before adjusting the air flow.
Step 2 / 7
Insert the valve into the installation ring until it “clicks”.
Step 3 / 7
Twist the luminaire to adjust the ventilation flow level.
Step 4 / 7
Make sure that the lines are aligned and that the valve is not in a position in between 2 different steps before locking the ventilation valve. if it isn’t clearly visible, remove the valve from the plaster ring for locking.
Step 5 / 7
Lock the ventilation valve.
Step 6 / 7
Insert the design ring.
Step 7 / 7
Maintenance: clean and replace the filters of your ventilation system regularly to keep your ceiling clean.
Warranty will not apply in case of wrongful use or if unskilled personnel attempts to repair the product.