light + ventilation mini
installation instruction
Step 1 / 8
If 50m3/h is required remove the 25m3/h ring like shown above. If 25m3/h is required do not remove the 25m /h ring like shown above.
Step 2 / 8
Gently pull the lock out before adjusting the air flow.
Step 3 / 8
Connect the wires with waterproof connectors for serial connection, respect polarity combine with prado LED-driver.
Step 4 / 8
1. Insert the wires into the connector.
2. Compress the middle part.
3. Seal with a heater.
Step 5 / 8
Gently insert the fixture into the kit until it “clicks”.
Step 6 / 8
Twist the luminaire to adjust the ventilation flow level.
Step 7 / 8
Insert the design ring to lock the ventilation valve.
Step 8 / 8
Twist the luminaire as desired.
  • Replace glass lens when broken.
    Luminaire shall only be used together with glass lens.
The light source in this luminaire shall only be replaced by the manufacturer or a similar qualified person. Warranty will not apply in case of wrongful use or if unskilled personnel attempts to repair the product.